Alien Isolation Pre-Alpha Demo Impressions.


my first stop at EGX Rezzed was the Alien Isolation booth, sat in a dark room I braved though the short demo. here are some first impressions. (photography was not permitted inside the booth)

the game is not like any other recent Alien game, both Aliens vs. Predator and Colonial Marines had a strong focus on fighting the aliens with large guns and various other technologies that inevitably make the sense of fear and hopelessness that would typically be associated with Alien less apparent. Isolation however is more akin to the likes of Outlast or Amnesia. you do not see too much of the alien itself as it hunts you around the dark and abandoned spaceship, rather the idea that it could be anywhere waiting to find you is itself terrifying enough. When the alien does show up the game becomes heart-stoppingly tense, your options are few when the alien is near, you need to “make yourself as small as possible” by crouching and you must stick to the dark to avoid detection, you cannot run or fight and so you must hide.

the atmosphere created by both the scenery and ambience add greatly to the overall feel of the game and it was very enjoyable as well as nerve shatteringly scary from the start of the demo to the end. there will be more on this tomorrow at the developers session, so look out for that.



You can watch EGX Rezzed on twitch as well as following me on twitter @JoeStevens94


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