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Egx London

Press passes are ready and I am itching to go, however while a press pass will allow me to enter the event for free the hotels of London are not too cheap for a broke student such as myself, especially considering the amount of money I will likely be spending over October and November with […]

My E3 2014 Ups and Downs.

E3 this year showed off many new games, both sequels and new IPs. but I still cant help feeling slightly disappointed. Fallout 3 is without a doubt my favorite game of the previous generation… perhaps even ever released, and while there was no indication of an announcement at E3 I was still hoping for the […]

My Friend Made A Game And You Can TRY IT

A Friend of mine currently studying Video-Game Enterprise at the same university has me has now released a beta of one of his projects. it is very very early build and is just playable. the game is called Boden, the idea of it is to create sustainable life on a planet you control while balancing […]

Hotline Miami 2 EGX Demo

As the title suggests while at EGX Rezzed this year I got to play a short demo of Hotline Miami 2, as a fan of the first game I had high hopes and the game did not disappoint. while the game hasnt changed much since the first one it gives more of a “if its […]

Top Game Devs Discuss Horror

Today I had the privilege of witnessing Dean Hall (Day Z/Bohemia), Alistair Hope (Alien Isolation/Creative Assembly), Will Porter (Project Zombiod/The Indie Stone) and Maciej Binkowski (Dying light/Techland) discuss the topic of fear and horror in video-games. When discussing why people would subject themselves to fear Binkowski explained that actively taking part in simulated fear is […]

Game of the year 2014

who could have known we would see 2014 game of the year this early.

My Dota Addiction.

Aside from the reasons I have stated in my last post, one of the other main factors in the lack of content is my new found addiction, Dota 2 (Defence of the Ancients 2). Although I am far from good at the game, indeed, some may say I am NOT good, but those people would […]

New Year, New Content.

Firstly I would like to wish you all a happy new year. I hope you have had a great 2014 so far. As a university student most of my December was spend traveling back home and spending time with my family and friends, as well as finishing up the last of the years projects and […]

PS4 or Xbox One? My Honest Opinion.

Now that I have had some time with both consoles I feel I can now give my fair opinion on both. both are excellent and I have had a ton fun with them, however the Xbox one is not without its problems, problems that I’m sure will be fixed in time, but problems none the […]

I Have Both!

I haven’t published anything for over a week now and here is why. once I have had slightly more time with the consoles and played more of the games I will be able to give impressions on both so look out for that. I felt my very slight absence needed explaining. don’t forget to follow […]