My E3 2014 Ups and Downs.

E3 p-8p

E3 this year showed off many new games, both sequels and new IPs. but I still cant help feeling slightly disappointed.

Fallout 3 is without a doubt my favorite game of the previous generation… perhaps even ever released, and while there was no indication of an announcement at E3 I was still hoping for the best, but of-course this was not the case, so it looks like a 2014 release is very much improbable.

the other disappointment was that there was no showing of the new Beyond Good and Evil game. Beyond Good and Evil 2’s teaser trailer was released a long while ago and we have since heard nothing about the game, Ubisoft  ensure that they have not stopped working with this IP but they still have yet to show us anything new either.

Other than this it was a successful E3 for me, I now look forward to the many Summer releases and newly revealed IPs more than ever. if only I had the money to get them all…

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  1. E3 was pretty exceptional this time around.

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