My Friend Made A Game And You Can TRY IT


A Friend of mine currently studying Video-Game Enterprise at the same university has me has now released a beta of one of his projects. it is very very early build and is just playable.

the game is called Boden, the idea of it is to create sustainable life on a planet you control while balancing what income you have and protecting your planet from various natural disasters. one core mechanic of the game is to make sure your planet is not burned to a crisp and turned into an inhospitable desert, you do this by rotating the planet before the side of the planet facing the sun is burned, giving an other side of your planet time in the light to work.

As well as the sun you must deal with various other dangers such as landslides from mountain tiles, collapses in your mines and famine stricken farmlands.

While the game is a very interesting and fun concept it is also worth noting once again that it is an early build of the game and so should not be judged on face value just yet. so please feel free to try it for yourself and send your feedback his way. much appreciated.

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