Monthly Archives: April 2014

My Friend Made A Game And You Can TRY IT

A Friend of mine currently studying Video-Game Enterprise at the same university has me has now released a beta of one of his projects. it is very very early build and is just playable. the game is called Boden, the idea of it is to create sustainable life on a planet you control while balancing […]

Hotline Miami 2 EGX Demo

As the title suggests while at EGX Rezzed this year I got to play a short demo of Hotline Miami 2, as a fan of the first game I had high hopes and the game did not disappoint. while the game hasnt changed much since the first one it gives more of a “if its […]

Dying Light At EGX Rezzed

Dying light is a game that I have been looking forward to playing for a long long time, and only a few days ago I watched a the games designer┬áMaciej Binkowski talk about the game in a live developer session, he spoke a lot about the free running and how almost everything in the world […]