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Hotline Miami 2 EGX Demo

As the title suggests while at EGX Rezzed this year I got to play a short demo of Hotline Miami 2, as a fan of the first game I had high hopes and the game did not disappoint. while the game hasnt changed much since the first one it gives more of a “if its […]

Alien Isolation Pre-Alpha Demo Impressions.

my first stop at EGX Rezzed was the Alien Isolation booth, sat in a dark room I braved though the short demo. here are some first impressions. (photography was not permitted inside the booth) the game is not like any other recent Alien game, both Aliens vs. Predator and Colonial Marines had a strong focus […]

Stephen Merchant HBO ‘Hello Ladies’ Review.

Now that Stephen Merchants ‘Hello Ladies’ has aired a few episodes I think it is safe to say that the show does not disappoint, as a fan of the lanky funny man I was very excited to see how merchant would cope without his usual co-writer Ricky Gervais, And I must say this is some […]

God Mode Review

God mode is a third person shooter that focuses less on story and more on simple fast-paced action, you take control of a ‘distant descendant of the Gods’ that has been banished to hell by an ancient curse, forced to battle though hordes of demonic creatures in an attempt to escape. The game puts no […]

Spec Ops: The Line – Review

Spec Ops the Line is a 3rd person shooter set in an almost post-apocalyptic city of Dubai. Enormous sandstorms have completely engulfed the city and most of the population has been evacuated, however a man named John Konrad and his squad bravely stayed behind to help the small population that were unable to leave the […]

Terraria Review

Terraria was originally a PC only title by Re-Logic but was recently ported over to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by 505 games with a few extra features added for the console version, including new equipment and new enemies. At the start of the game you are thrown into a 2D world armed only […]

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Review

And so here we are again with Nathan Drake in another crazy adventure through the far off reaches of the world to uncover another ancient mystery, but surely this time no one wants him dead right?… Sadly not, but let’s face it, without a few crazy warlords bent on stopping you, it just wouldn’t be […]

Pokemon Black and White 2 – Back To Unova

The Pokémon franchise has long been one of Nintendo’s most successful and entertaining series and nothing has changed on that front. Pokémon black and white 2 is the first in the long line to be a direct sequel, giving the game some historic value and changing the way developers, “Game Freak”, have been creating the […]