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PS4 or Xbox One? My Honest Opinion.

Now that I have had some time with both consoles I feel I can now give my fair opinion on both. both are excellent and I have had a ton fun with them, however the Xbox one is not without its problems, problems that I’m sure will be fixed in time, but problems none the […]

I Have Both!

I haven’t published anything for over a week now and here is why. once I have had slightly more time with the consoles and played more of the games I will be able to give impressions on both so look out for that. I felt my very slight absence needed explaining. don’t forget to follow […]

Dying Light – Next Level Zombies

Many people might say that the zombie game has had its time, that it is getting old and repetitive, that we want something new… I am not one of them here is a short preview of the next gen zombie game Dying Light. this game looks very promising. Good Night, Good Luck

Steam Halloween Sale

      As was expected with Halloween came the Halloween steam sale, and here are my top three purchases. The Wolf Among Us Easily my favorite of the group, the wolf among us is another telltale game in the style of their previous hit The Walking Dead. You follow the story of Digby Wolf, […]

An Apologetic Look Toward The Future…

Almost a month since my last post. I have let myself down, but this is the end of that, from now on I will try my best to update The Game Duck multiple times a week. so here, some inspirational music, for me and for you… in the form of Westlife. Seriously though. I’m very sorry to […]

PlayStation 4 Is Official

Its official, at a live event in New York Sony revealed that their next major project was indeed the PlayStation 4, and is set to be released this holiday season. The announcement was made by Sony President Andrew House, who stated “It is consistent with our heritage in gaming, delivering the most powerful platform ever” he then continued to explain that they had […]

Day Z Mod. try it yourself!

Have you and your friends ever discussed your zombie survival plan? What you would use, where you would live? Well now you can feed that curiosity. But I fear no amount of preparation would prepare you for this… DayZ is a mod for Arma 2 which is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun […]