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My Friend Made A Game And You Can TRY IT

A Friend of mine currently studying Video-Game Enterprise at the same university has me has now released a beta of one of his projects. it is very very early build and is just playable. the game is called Boden, the idea of it is to create sustainable life on a planet you control while balancing […]

An Apologetic Look Toward The Future…

Almost a month since my last post. I have let myself down, but this is the end of that, from now on I will try my best to update The Game Duck multiple times a week. so here, some inspirational music, for me and for you… in the form of Westlife. Seriously though. I’m very sorry to […]

Will Violent Games Make Me Aggressive?

An argument that often plagues many of us Gamers is the argument that violent video games make us violent ourselves, and that we are all just a group of wannabe serial killers that could snap at any moment. well I have long had an opinion on this, however lacked the ability to put it into words, but having recently wrote an entire essay on […]


Currently studying a degree in Media, Culture and Journalism, I have created this website as a part of my university work, but also as a way to show a portfolio of my work, I intend to update regularly with as much content as I can possibly produce in my mildly busy schedule, as well as […]