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Alien Isolation Release Date

Earlier today at EGX Rezzed during the developer session for Alien Isolation,  Alistar Hope the games creative lead announced that Alien Isolation will be released on the 7th of October this year on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, Ps3 and PC. This is exciting news following the demo I played on the show floor. you […]

I Have Both!

I haven’t published anything for over a week now and here is why. once I have had slightly more time with the consoles and played more of the games I will be able to give impressions on both so look out for that. I felt my very slight absence needed explaining. don’t forget to follow […]

Xbox One or Ps4? – Why Im Getting Both.

As a UK resident neither of the next generation consoles have been released yet, with the Xbox one being released on the 22nd and the Ps4 being released on the 29th.  I have decided that I cannot simply buy one of them, and so I am going to dig deep into my pockets and get […]

Uncharted on PS4!

After the PS4 announcement and the completion of the last of us I must admit I wondered if there would be another uncharted game any time soon, and thankfully there is and here is the trailer. though it doesn’t show much it certainly is a set up for what could be a great plot.

Good Bad Games…

Often a game comes, we get excited for it and it turns out to be terrible. But here are two poorly reviewed games that I thoroughly enjoyed. First is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. As a big fan of both The Walking Dead TV show and the telltale game series I was very excited in […]

PlayStation “Since 1995”

Sony have recently come out with this incredibly creative video celebrating the history of PlayStation, inspired by the hashtag #PlayStationMemories. there are many little changes the video makes as it counts forward in time, as well a time accurate London skyline. get ready for a nostalgic 3 and a half minutes concluding with an exciting […]

Sony Supports Used Games

Following Sony’s E3 conference, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4′s used game restrictions will be up to third-party publishers. Speaking on GTTV, Sony’s Jack Tretton stated, “The DRM decision for third-party games will be up to publishers.” This means that the PS4 will not impose any new restrictions to used games, but will still […]

Next Generation of Xbox Reveal Event!

On the 21st of May Microsoft will be unveiling “A New Generation” in a press conference at Xbox HQ. This reveal comes 3 months after the reveal of their competitor console the PlayStation 4. On his blog, Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson stated:  “On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of […]

Spec Ops: The Line – Review

Spec Ops the Line is a 3rd person shooter set in an almost post-apocalyptic city of Dubai. Enormous sandstorms have completely engulfed the city and most of the population has been evacuated, however a man named John Konrad and his squad bravely stayed behind to help the small population that were unable to leave the […]

PlayStation 4 Is Official

Its official, at a live event in New York Sony revealed that their next major project was indeed the PlayStation 4, and is set to be released this holiday season. The announcement was made by Sony President Andrew House, who stated “It is consistent with our heritage in gaming, delivering the most powerful platform ever” he then continued to explain that they had […]