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My E3 2014 Ups and Downs.

E3 this year showed off many new games, both sequels and new IPs. but I still cant help feeling slightly disappointed. Fallout 3 is without a doubt my favorite game of the previous generation… perhaps even ever released, and while there was no indication of an announcement at E3 I was still hoping for the […]

PS4 or Xbox One? My Honest Opinion.

Now that I have had some time with both consoles I feel I can now give my fair opinion on both. both are excellent and I have had a ton fun with them, however the Xbox one is not without its problems, problems that I’m sure will be fixed in time, but problems none the […]

Xbox One or Ps4? – Why Im Getting Both.

As a UK resident neither of the next generation consoles have been released yet, with the Xbox one being released on the 22nd and the Ps4 being released on the 29th.  I have decided that I cannot simply buy one of them, and so I am going to dig deep into my pockets and get […]

PlayStation “Since 1995”

Sony have recently come out with this incredibly creative video celebrating the history of PlayStation, inspired by the hashtag #PlayStationMemories. there are many little changes the video makes as it counts forward in time, as well a time accurate London skyline. get ready for a nostalgic 3 and a half minutes concluding with an exciting […]

Next Generation of Xbox Reveal Event!

On the 21st of May Microsoft will be unveiling “A New Generation” in a press conference at Xbox HQ. This reveal comes 3 months after the reveal of their competitor console the PlayStation 4. On his blog, Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson stated:  “On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of […]

Spec Ops: The Line – Review

Spec Ops the Line is a 3rd person shooter set in an almost post-apocalyptic city of Dubai. Enormous sandstorms have completely engulfed the city and most of the population has been evacuated, however a man named John Konrad and his squad bravely stayed behind to help the small population that were unable to leave the […]