PS4 or Xbox One? My Honest Opinion.


Now that I have had some time with both consoles I feel I can now give my fair opinion on both.

both are excellent and I have had a ton fun with them, however the Xbox one is not without its problems, problems that I’m sure will be fixed in time, but problems none the less. If you want to play a game with your friends on Xbox live it is no longer as simple as inviting them to your party and game, you now need to set up a separate party for the game, and if anyone wants to play a different game with someone else in your party, they will have to leave and create their game and re-join the party. While Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has stated that things will get better, it does seem a bit stupid considering how well their previous console worked. While I have not used the PlayStation party chat nearly enough to comment, I have not heard of any similar problems. (If you have had trouble let me know in the comments!)

I also had trouble playing online and even joining parties on Xbox live for a time, after contacting Xbox support and being told to factory reset my console I found that this was only a temporary fix, which lead to me having to install my games on 3 occasions. The problem turned out to be a port that needed forwarding, an easy fix that Xbox support apparently isn’t aware of. The other issue with this is that games take way too long to install even from the disc on Xbox one while on PS4 it takes less than a minute for most games.

When it comes to the games I have always been under the impression that Sony has the best 1st party developers, Infamous and Uncharted are incredible game series’ that are rivalled but not beaten by only a few on the Xbox. And now that we have confirmed games for both on the PS4, I have high hopes for the future of PlayStation. As well as this, Killzone Shadow Fall is an incredible game while Ryse and Dead rising are Fun but simply not as impressive, the future for the Xbox one however is just as exciting with titles such as Titanfall and Quantum Break and many more being released in 2014

If I could only have one, the choice would be difficult, but not impossible, the PlayStation 4 is simply more accessible and fun to use, it’s faster to perform the more menial tasks and if nothing else, it is cheaper.


  1. You talk about the problems a lot in this post about the Xbox One but not about the problems of the PS4. For example. When in GAME the other day they were advising people not to lay down the console because it is more likely to overheat. Or the audio quality difference between them. In my opinion the PS4 is a pure gaming machine for the hardcore gamer. Who are trying to take back top spot from the 360. But the Xbox One is in a very different position they are not going for just gaming, they are going for the Social and entertainment areas. Like with the TV guide. But there are problems with it which you did point out. The disc install on the Xbox is only that long because you weren’t meant to have a disc in it. So it would put more onto the system thus taking longer. Plus microsoft is kinda new to blu-rays considering sony had it on their last console. Last final point PS4 to me just looks like a more powerful ps3 but cheaper.

    1. No matter the reason why Xbox has slow installs the problem is still there. and you make some good points about the Xbox one being multimedia but this blog is aimed at the hardcore gamer more so i didn’t want to get into that, also the PS4 can also be used as a multimedia device as much as the Xbox, as well as the fact that Twitch and Ustream have been on the ps4 since launch and wont be on the Xbox until 2014. I think if you wait a while to get one it wont really matter which one, but the PlayStation is cheaper unless the Xbox one receives a price drop by then. Xbox does however have upload which is better than the ps4’s recording system that only allows you to upload to Facebook. the audio difference as far as I’m aware of is in the party chat which I have not had much time with at all as I said.

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