Good Bad Games…

Often a game comes, we get excited for it and it turns out to be terrible. But here are two poorly reviewed games that I thoroughly enjoyed.

First is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


As a big fan of both The Walking Dead TV show and the telltale game series I was very excited in the build-up to this game, however after it was released it was met with widespread hate and general disappointment. Against my better judgment I decided that I would try it for myself and to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad, in fact I had fun. Don’t get me wrong the game was flawed, but not broken, if anything the poor attacking options gave the game a bit more of a challenge…

In the game you also get to play as Daryl, my favorite character from the TV show. So that was something.


Secondly, Duke Nukem Forever.


Duke nukem forever was set to be one of the biggest launches of 2011, 15 years in development and the duke was about to be reborn in a whole new generation of gaming, and then it happened. The game launched to some pretty poor reviews, there was the occasional good review but the general opinion was terrible. This time around I did not wait to see the reviews, nor did I see them until after I completed the game. While playing I remember thinking to myself how good the game actually was, it was funny and it was a good re-imagining of the old style of Duke Games, it had a strange almost unpretentious retro feel to it.

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