Terraria Review


Terraria was originally a PC only title by Re-Logic but was recently ported over to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by 505 games with a few extra features added for the console version, including new equipment and new enemies.

At the start of the game you are thrown into a 2D world armed only with a copper axe, pickaxe and a sword as well as five hearts of health. You also spawn with an NPC nearby; this NPC will be your guide to learning the basics of Terraria. For many people their first nights in Terraria are frustrating and confusing as it is unclear as to what you need to do, however the game manages to create a great feeling of accomplishment once you reach your goals, be it trying to get that one weapon you have been working toward, or building a big monument to your own vanity.

terraria 2

Graphically the game is very simple, but the art style of the world is very bright and complex, the different areas of the world are individually very attractive, and together they show a great deal of variety, with lots of contrasting colour. The 2D style of the game does not hold the game back, but adds to its charm, overall Terraria is very good on the eye.

To be successful in Terraria you must explore, fight, build and gather resources,  there are countless different elements to collect and even more to create with them. There are lots of different areas that appear in your randomly generated world, these areas spawn different enemies and resources that you will need. The areas in Terraria are, Forest, Desert, Jungle, Ocean, Snow, the Corruption and the Underworld, as well as The Hallow later into the game. There are also areas like the floating islands, which are small islands in the sky with rare item chests on them, and The Dungeon which is to either the far left or right of the world. Some areas are more dangerous than others, so low level players need to be careful to not stray too far from the spawn.


There is no story to Terraria, the incentive to play is mainly to survive, create, and improve yourself and your world. There a many different NPCs that will spawn in homes that you build, these homes need to have certain furniture before they move in (a table and chair). Once they are moved in you can talk to them to carry out different services. Most of these NPCs you will very rarely use and are mostly useless, but there are some that are rather valuable, such as the arms merchant who will sell items needed to create some of the more powerful ranged weapons in the game such as the Megashark, and the Goblin Tinkerer who will allow you to improve your items.


In Terraria there are different bosses that can be summoned, The Eye of Cthulhu, a giant flying eye that fires more smaller eyes at you, The Eater of Worlds, a giant worm that burrows into the ground and attacks your from below and Skeletron, a giant skull with two floating hands that guard the entrance to the dungeon; these Bosses will drop some valuable items that can be very helpful, as well as granting you access to different places. The hardest boss of the initial game is the Wall of Flesh, this is summoned in the underworld by throwing a voodoo doll into lava, upon death the monster fire two diagonal lines to the surface from where it defeated, these lines will change the environment to Corruption and Hallowed versions of themselves, this also means that the game is now in hard mode, more powerful monsters will start to spawn and the corruption and hallow will spread until they meet in the middle and control the whole world. Once in hard mode you can also now fight mechanical versions of the previous 3 summoned bosses, these updated bosses are far more challenging and drop items needed for crafting the best items in the game. In hard mode you can now gather new even more powerful equipment, and on console, there has been even more added on top of it.

The game is at its best is while playing online with friends, working together to beat the tougher bosses and gathering rare materials as a team, the game creates a good sense of teamwork and becomes a much more enjoyable experience. though nothing requires it, the help of others makes the game much easier.  Terraria is an easly 9 out of 10

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